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Frameforum is a site dedicated to the art and craft of the handmade bicycle. It’s about the people who make them; it’s about the people who ride them. 

Frameforum is the place to be if you’re considering “the custom alternative” – a bike that gives you everything the  ‘off-the-shelf ‘ bikes don’t.

Call it “custom’”  ; call it “su misura” ; call it “bespoke” ; call it “vélo sur mesure” ; call it what you will.

A “made-to-measure’”  bike is more than just a paint job.  A good made-to-measure bike will fit you like no other stock bike can.  It can be as individual as you are; it can suit your particular style of riding, your particular needs and be built from a material that suits you,  not the coffee stop crew.

A custom bike isn’t about shaving grams for bragging rights; it’s about you and your builder considering every aspect of the bike. The process starts with finding the best dimensions , followed by designing and building the frame, right through to specifying the last spoke in the wheels.  It’s about you, not Mr or Ms. Average.

Added to that, Frameforum is a place to gather for those who build, or aspire to build, custom bikes. In the forum section, you’ll find members embarking on their first steps in framebuilding as well as some of the greats of the framebuilding game; iconic builders making iconic bikes. If you want to ask questions and get answers on frame building from the folks who actually build them, this is the place.

In short;  if handmade bicycles are your thing – whether rider, collector or creator – make Frameforum your first port of call!

The Frame Forum